Friday, August 8, 2014

Together & What I Know For Sure

Last month was very busy and all go, go, go.  We all went in different directions--tournaments, camps, protests, conferences. 

So far, August has been all stay, stay, stay.  We've spent the past two weeks hanging out on the porch, taking nature hikes, playing cards and doing what we do.  And I love it.
Kicking it old school --
looking for the answers together in a real book.

Love my new orange bowls from the dollar store and eating breakfast together on the front porch in our pjs.

It's not all magical--I yell and the kids fight and they will get bored soon.  But I still like everyone being where they should be, at home and together, I know that for sure right now.

Here's what else I know for sure this week:
  • Big changes around here last week, my little girl is growing up.  Super Lucy braved the chair at Claire's and got her ears pierced.  She got a little nervous a couple years ago and decided last minute (in the chair) that piercing was not her thing.  But it was different last Saturday.  She bravely sat in the chair and did it.  It's what she wanted and she looks beautiful (and more grown up).

  • Social Media can be a good thing.  I love hearing/reading/watching stories about good things happening because of the social media.  This documentary about teaching senior citizens to use Facebook and YouTube.  I love it.
(In case the video didn't load click here to watch.)

  • If you want your kids to play with toys that they never play with, just tell them you are having a garage sale.  We pulled out dollhouses and other toys that have been collecting dust in the basement to sell at a garage sale and the kids played for hours with them.  And got along.  That's some kind of garage sale magic.

  • We did not get rich from our garage sale.  The magic kind of ended after the kids played with their new-old stuff.  Just because we only made $13 doesn't mean that we didn't have fun though.  Check out our adventure in this week's vlog:

(In case the video didn't load click here.)

  • This is such a good song- Hero by Family of the Year.  It is on the BoyHood soundtrack and I love the movie and I love this song SO MUCH.

(click here to listen to the song if the video didn't load.)

  • I'm so excited to be writing over at  Check out my how-to-stay-married advice. Click here to read it.

What do YOU know for sure this week, right now?  Please share what you know here in the comments or on my Facebook page.


  1. Togetherness is awesome! I have porch envy, for real.
    Loved your post at Laura's!

  2. I know for sure that you and I have almost identical musical tastes. I feel like I want to make you a mix tape and mail it to you. And I have serious porch envy too. And probably temperature envy. One of he girls asked today why we never eat outside. Because it's 1000 degrees and there are 1000 mosquitoes.