Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Very Own #SheetOutOfLuck Story #spon

I've talked more about toilet paper in the last month than maybe ever before in my life.  I went to California and talked toilet paper at BlogHer.  I took pictures on an actual toilet and yes, talked about toilet paper some more.  I even gave a year's supply of toilet paper away (congrats to Kristen, the giveaway winner!).  

One of my favorite pictures from the Angel Soft® booth at BlogHer (Angel Soft® was a sponsor).

I've been working with Angel Soft® to promote their #SheetOutOfLuck video campaign to discuss embarrassing #SheetHappens moments and how Angel Soft® can prevent them.

Now I'm joining in on the video fun.  Check out my #SheetHappens moment.  

  (To watch the video, click here.)

I got the whole family involved in this one.  

You know the old saying "A family that vlogs together becomes YouTube stars together...." That's a saying right?  Well, anyway, I know we definitely had fun together making this video.

Watch our behind-the-scenes reel.

(To watch the video, click here.)

This whole campaign has been fun.  Not only does it have THE best hashtags on Twitter, but I also got to laugh and have fun talking about something that we all use....toilet paper. 

I love a company that provides a useful product and has a sense of humor.  Kudos to Angel Soft®.

Check out some of the Angel Soft® #SheetOutOfLuck videos too.

(Click here to watch the video.)

(Click here to watch the video.)
To learn more about Angel Soft® check out their web site, Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

I received financial compensation for this post from Angel Soft® however all opinions contained are my own.


  1. Oh gosh YOU GUYS ARE ADORABLE!!!!

  2. Dangit, I didn't win. Oh well... ;) LOVE the video, but sorry you were #sheetouttaluck! ;)

    Seriously, you're family... adopt me?

  3. So funny! I kind of expected you hobbling out of the bathroom with your pants around your ankles.

  4. That is seriously so funny. I love it and I love your kids (and you, of course)!