Monday, September 5, 2011

Good-bye Summer

I am going to miss this.
Baseball games.  
Staying up late.  
Going barefoot.
Ice cream on the front porch.  
Road trips with the windows down.
Ok, I might not miss the road trips with no air conditioning in the mini-van.

Riding bikes.  
Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with all my kids.
Skipping rocks in the middle of the afternoon.

The sun-kissed faces.

The moments.

I look at these little faces and I can't help but think about how fast time goes.  These summers, these good memories, are what they are going to be building their life around.  These are the times that they will talk about.  When they will say "when I was a kid we used to..."

Did we do enough?
Did I yell too much?
Did I miss any moments?

You realize I can reflect with such bittersweet sentiment because in less than 36 hours three out of four of my children will be going back to school.

As the sun sets on this summer, I feel happy because my children are happy.  I feel tense and unsure about whether I did enough because I am neurotic and sort of crazy.  But I do feel joy in knowing that some fun was definitely had this summer.

We all survived, and hopefully they will have some good stories to tell.  I know I do.

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