Thursday, September 15, 2011

My love affair with words

I have mentioned my love of words before.

But I really love the look of words.  Printed words move me. They have power. 
Sort of our family mission statement that hangs in our kitchen.

I have always been like a little old lady tearing out pages from magazines and stuffing them in my purse.   I have even sent magazine clippings to my sister through the mail, like in a letter.  Yes, in the last few years I did that.
Lucy is discovering the power of printed/written words.  A  sign she made for her dad, a principal of an alternative high school, that she is backing up with some real attitude.  It think his students might indeed be scared.

Looking through old books, that I keep forever, you will find notes that I wrote and crammed in between the pages.  For what?  Safe keeping or to look at later?  Not sure exactly.   Sometimes the notes are favorite quotes from that particular book or a line from what I was watching on tv.  Sometimes I find old to-do lists I made.  I have crates of old diaries from 20 years of journaling.

Funny enough, once I had kids I stopped writing in diaries.  Just when most good moms are filling scrapbooks with every cute thing their kids do, I stopped.

While all these are treasures in my opinion, it is time to move into this century.  I am embracing new media.  Not quite ready to give up books for an ipad.  I am so lying, if I could afford it I would buy an ipad tomorrow.  But it is so much more romantic and cool to say I am holding out because I love the printed word.

Anyway, one of my back-to-school resolutions was to get better at Twitter.  Even though my recent illness knocked me off track a bit, I am out there tentatively tweeting.  And, by god, I think I love it.  I can just send a quote I like out into the world.  

For no other reason, but to have fun. Or to express myself.  Or to define myself.  

I recently ran across the website for six word memoirs.  (It isn't new except to people like me who have had their head in an offline book for the past three years, so you may know it.) 

It dares you to describe yourself in six words or describe parts of yourself.  Can you do it?  For no other reason but to have fun, or express yourself or define yourself.

My six words?  They may go something like this:

"Desperately seeking approval."
Waaaah!  So needy.

My husband said his would go like this:
"Keep it simple stupid, says Tim."

He also offered up a suggestion for me:

He is so funny.  Seriously a real "lol."  Whatever, it is all in fun.  Play the game.  What are your six words?

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