Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Making it Work

So yesterday I was raving about how great it is to have four kids.  And I even made a video about it. It is crazy that my baby will be two in a couple of weeks.  I have been a mom of four for almost two years!

I just reread the post and watched the video and I felt like I was reading about and watching someone's else's sweet family.  Because I am definitely not feeling it tonight.  I was simply going to put the video up here, but felt like too much of a hypocrite.  Aren't I all about keeping it real?  I mean didn't I put up that hideous sick picture of me in the name of realness?

Yes, my children are adorable.  Yes, I love my life.  But it is hard sometimes.  

Tonight at bedtime, I found myself begging for my family to be nice to me.  It went something like this:
"I take care of you, I make sure you have clean clothes, healthy food, that you are safe and all I ask is that you are nice to me."  Ugh.  It was pathetic.  The kids knew it.  They sensed my need for acceptance, my need to be loved and they were a little disgusted. 

I followed up my statement with the very mature "I quit.  I am going to go get a job and you guys can take care of yourselves."  

JT did a fist pump and mouthed "yes!" and I stormed out of the room.

Mature? No.  Real? Um, yeah.

I will be better tomorrow.  I love my kids.  I just get tired.  And sensitive sometimes.  

But we will make it work. 
Please watch the video, where hopefully I redeem myself.

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