Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Happy Dance

The happy dance, sort of like the Dance of Joy made famous by Balki in the show "Perfect Strangers."  Remember?  Well, we have the same ritual, only much cooler, here in our family.  After a long illness, bad day or too much time inside (which happens a lot here in the lovely Michigan winter) we like to dance.  

It feels good to dance.  Rejoice that the illness is over, the day is over.

Don't get me wrong, we dance other times too.  Last winter we had a Saturday Night Dance Party in our kitchen every weekend.  But there is something about dancing after you have suffered.  Suffered from an unfair situation at work or school, heartbreak big and small or illness that made you so not yourself.  Or after suffering from being trapped inside for months during a dreary winter.  

This is a different kind of dance.
It must be done with full abandon.  Head back, arms out.  
Total joy.  Total relief.  Total fresh start.

I had that feeling when I finally got off the couch and felt a little  It felt good, so I danced.  I danced for the shitty couple of weeks we've had, I danced for all of my weirdo fears and dreams I had while in my fever fog and I danced because we were all feeling good. 

It was a glorious five minutes.
Then I sat at the table, winded.  I looked into my daughter Lucy's face and saw the eyes, the fever eyes.  It was back.  And so were we, back to the pediatrician's office.

I pulled out my frosted lipgloss and actually put some other make up on for the first time in weeks.  I felt stronger, more attractive.  Until JT said "You look old when you bend over and I can see a little bit of a beard on your face."  Why JT, why?

Not to be deterred, I took my sunny disposition and played five rounds of "I Spy with my Little Eye" while waiting for the doctor.  We have been to the doctor either for my kids or me multiple times in the last few weeks so we are pros.  Got the exam and got their prescriptions.

The happy dance will return.  Soon.  I just know it.

Silly, but sort of funny.

Fun, cooler happy dance from "My So Called Life" (classic!)

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