Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Better Week

This week has been so much much better than last week.  Not having the stomach flu/fever virus is a huge factor.  But also some things are just clicking better, happening more naturally and life doesn't seem too overwhelming, this week.  

Maybe it's because I got to do some fun, out of the my norm things.  Um, like, I don't know, drive a MINI Cooper around for a few hours with a good pal on a sunny afternoon listening to Blondie.  Yeah, that helped make my week better for sure.

Sometimes being a struggling, hustling freelance writer can be really fun.  Yeah, cruising in a bad ass (yup, I just called a MINI Cooper bad ass) car was work.  

Stay tuned next week to see my write up on that MINI.  For now, you can click here to check out my review of the Dodge Journey in today's Patch.

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