Friday, May 18, 2012

My Brand and What I Know For Sure (This Week)

"Exactly what is your brand?" my father asked me a few months ago about my blog and some of my freelance writing assignments.

"Me," I said enthusiastically.

He looked worried. 
"Are you prepared for people's comments?," my sister gently asked me a little while after my dad's question.

"Yeah, bring it on," I boldly stated.  "Of course I will go through a mini-depression if they hate me, but I'll get over it.  It's a process, so yeah bring it on."  

She looked worried.

Being a tad more reserved than me, they were worried about me taking my act on the road.  Putting myself out there.  

Somedays I worry.  I worry that my act will get tired.  Then I'm afraid I  really will take it too personally because my act is well, um, me.

I am a goof ball who gets ridiculously excited about ridiculous things, like hats.  I adore all things pop culture.  And I do often try to go for the laugh.  I am also a person who is incredibly sensitive, has a tendency to be so laid back about parts of planning that I f*@* up important things (like schedules, bill paying, etc) and I like to be alone, a lot.  Plus I have a tendency to go dark sometimes.   

But the whole "use what you got" philosophy is what I've always gone with.  Some people are really good at crunching numbers, others can craft like a motherf#####, some people are patient teachers, etc.

I am good at being the jester, the goof ball, and connecting with people. 

When I was younger, I worried too, though.

One of my first jobs in college was as an unpaid intern with a downtown development group in Pittsburgh.  One week my assignment was to wear a sign and pass out whistles and get people excited about downtown Pittsburgh.  I can't remember what the hell people were thinking passing out whistles, but some committee of adults with degrees thought it was a brilliant idea.  So there I was positioned at bus stops and subway terminals during morning rush hours passing out whistles.  Most people walked right on by and were not amused, at all.  But I kept on selling my funny and passing out my whistles.  Later in the day, as I headed home I saw several homeless people holding my whistles, one even trying to direct traffic with the whistle. Not my best day, but it was still kind of funny. 

I didn't let any early experiences of people not getting my funny get me down.  Okay I did, but it's a process remember.  I recovered.  

Being real, selling a little bit of my goofball-ness and connecting with people isn't a lucrative endeavor.  But it's what I've always done.  And it has led me to meet so many incredible people and make some meaningful friendships and have some powerful, moving moments.

This I know for sure.

What Else I Know For Sure (This Week):

I am loving cars more than ever before. Check out more of my brand, me, reviewing cars for Patch.  This is a very fun project and this past week I drove a tricked out Suburban. Click here to read more and feel very free to leave a comment here or on the Patch site, comments are good for the brand.

The stomach flu/virus sucks. That's all.

This movie- What to Expect When You're Expecting- looks funny.  Wish it would've been around for my first pregnancy when I was a tad disillusioned with what pregnancy was exactly.

Even though Facebook is going all mainstream and public, it's still cool. Click here to be a part of this here wee little blog's Facebook Page.  

Donna Summer was the queen of disco-RIP.  So many good songs.  So many good memories of my childhood like singing "Bad Girls" as a little kid and having NO idea what it was all about. Love this song.

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