Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Turning Six

We celebrated JT's sixth birthday yesterday.  

My baby JT.  JT the reason I might be considered an advocate for the attachment parenting craze...he is the child that started the whole co-sleeping thing.  But he was such an amazingly sweet cuddly baby, I couldn't resist.  Six years later, well, I still can't.  

JT is a sweet child.   A sweet, funny child.  
He loves hanging out with older kids.  Many a Saturday you will find him trying to get in his older brother's dug out at baseball games.  Or wandering off to the concession stand with kids in third grade.  The kids aren't bothered by him, even his big brother, for the most part, enjoys him.  People get a kick out of JT.

JT is a cool kid.  A sweet, cool kid.
My husband and I joke about how we have to try really hard to look cool. Even when we try, most of the time it just doesn't work out.  JT on the other hand has a swagger.  He can put on a jersey inside out and wear underwear on his head and look cool (You think I am making this outfit up don't you?  But no it happened.).

JT is a kid that wants to be included.  He wants to get in the game and when he does, man is he happy to be there.

I had a friend once who said there are people who are "light bringers."  Sweet, funny JT swaggers in and brings the light.  He makes even the grumpiest cashier at the grocery store smile.  He makes other kids laugh.  He makes our hearts melt.

His road in his short six years hasn't been without a few twists and turns and steep hills to get up--he didn't talk until he was 3 and after being sick for some time we discovered he has Celiac disease.  There's been speech therapy, special diets, struggles, catching up, not catching up, being left out and standing out.  Through it all he still brings the light.  

Of course, he is like every kid and definitely can be challenging.  To be completely honest, sometimes he can be beyond the every kind of kid challenging.  But even at my most frustrated, during my most heartbreaking moments with him, I see it.  I see the glimmer, the spark--it never goes out.

Happy birthday to my little light bringer.

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