Thursday, May 3, 2012

Everything is an Anecdote

What do you do when you burn dinner and smoke fills the whole house?  Get out the fan and sing (or howl) in it right?  That was our night last night and we thought it was hilarious.

"Keep your kids under control!" someone yelled out to me a couple weeks ago.  We were walking in a parking lot and yeah, acting a little nuts.

My oldest son's eyes doubled in size and he looked at me in shock and embarrassment.

"They're kidding," I reassured him.  "They are totally joking."

But I was lying.  People don't always get our kind of humor.  They don't think we're as funny as we do.  The grocery store in particular is full of grumpy people that aren't laughing with us, or even at us.  I've mentioned before that my friend Steph always says "they're just jealous" when people don't really agree or get who we are.  I love that.

People not getting us or thinking we're not so funny...most of the time that's okay.  We are loud.  My kids never don't always listen.

Here is my truth, I would rather be a loud, unruly mess.  Not unmannered or insensitive, but also not lacking a sense of humor. That may not be your truth and I get that, it's cool, we can still be friends.  

Life just seems way too short to be grumpy (no matter what your truth is).

I know I should take my own advice on such matters.  I'm not grumpy most of the time, but man I do worry and obsess and overanalyze.  But grumpy? Nope. Rude? Not so much.  

My brother and I call ourselves the jesters of the family.  And I don't think that is all bad.  I mean come on, who doesn't like a good joke or at least an attempt at a joke.  A good anecdote? And everything can be a good anecdote....believe me from crazy mothers to cocky squirrels--there is a story in everything, usually a funny one.

I am having a complete blast telling my car stories at Rochester Patch.  Check out a piece I think is hilarious, but then again I get my kind of funny.  Check it out and let me know what YOU think.  Unless you don't think I'm funny at all then, don't worry about commenting, but let's still be friends. 

I put together a fun video to go with the article and yeah, it's about the Ford Flex.  Click here to read and watch.

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