Friday, May 25, 2012

Full-force Nutso and What I Know For Sure (this week)

May is so much like December--extremely busy, full of excitement and expectations.  There are end-of-the-year parties for the kids at school and church.  It seems that most of the children my kids know were born in May and are having birthday parties.  
Wade is getting his summer on early at his big brother's baseball game.  We are not afraid to get down and dirty in the Youngblood family.

Summer sports are kicking into full gear.  It's just nuts, and expensive.
JT is getting his summer on early with the classic grass whistle trick.  Never gets old, I love it.
It is busy, busy, busy and then school gets out and our life feels a bit like a ghost town.  Or like one of those movies, after the nuclear attack or apocalyptic storm where the townspeople start walking around in tattered clothes, confused and hazy. That will be us that first week of summer vacation.  

But we are still a few weeks away from that.  We are in full-force nutso schedule.  We are just getting a glimpse of an easy, breezy summer. 

I got mail yesterday, good mail.  (That hardly every happens anymore.)  But I got the nicest post-card from a mom-of-four mentor and dear friend of mine.  
I love this post card, it's perfect for my life right now.  Thank you to my dear friend Brenda who sent it.

A note of encouragement and love and understanding during this hectic time before school gets out.  It was short and sweet and so special.  

Good mail and good friends are amazing (especially during dizzyingly busy, hectic, overwhelming times), I know that for sure.

Here's what else I know for sure (this week):

Self deprecation doesn't play well in a resume.  Yup, I was updating my resume this past week.  And jokes about possibly being crazy aren't appealing to potential future employees. Waaaa.

I love smart women. And these are two of my ALL TIME FAVORITES--Kelly Corrigan interviewing Anna Quindlen. Oh my god, I love this.

Kelly Corrigan is awesome.  Her books are awesome.  I love her. Watch this and tell me you don't love her.

Bravo rules.  I am a little obsessed, but I watch Bravo more than any other channel.  It is to me what Lifetime was to me in my 20s, which is awesome escapism.  So excited to spend my summer with Bravo.

Twitter won't quit me.  Sure I have unfollowers that I take personally, but overall I'm going strong.   I am so close, so very close to my coveted 500 followers--496 people.  Help me reach 500, follow me at @AngelaYBlood.

I love this video. I love these kids. I think they would fit in with my family nicely.  I especially love how grumpy the little girl looks at various points in the video.  She is giving a real "I hate you bitch" look to the camera, a look that I am very familiar with from my own little Lucy.

Comments matter.  Click here and check out my piece and please leave a comment.  It makes a difference to my editor and that makes a difference to me.  Even if you hate my review, tell me about it.

Holiday weekends were meant to enjoy.  Have a good one.

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