Thursday, September 13, 2012

Remember A Million Lovely Things

I love summer.  I am sad to see summer on its way out.  But there is something special about September.  The crossover of seasons is pretty great too.

There's a special light in September.  

The light coming through the window, 

following us as we take the kids to school, 

shining on our everyday moments like spotlights.  

The September sunlight illuminates, glows and reminds us to savor every moment.  Reminding us that it's going to get cold soon, days will be shorter soon. Reminding us that life is always moving faster and faster.  Reminding us to soak up this light, soak up these moments and remember.  Remember.  
Remember a million lovely things.

Here's the full poem that the above quote is from, Thoughts by Jacqueline Bouvier.

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