Friday, September 28, 2012

It Never Gets Old & What I Know For Sure (this week)

The fog is finally lifting.  Yeah baby,  I can see clearly now the rain is gone.   Or rather the f#&*ing virus/cold/sinus infection I've had for almost two weeks (which felt like two months).  

I'm always listening to my kids, or at least trying to listen.  But since I've been sick, it's been well foggier.  Some moments, all their voices blended together and they sounded like a bunch of high pitched woh-woh-woh-speaking off-camera grown ups in a Charlie Brown cartoon.

But the fog is finally lifting.  Their little voices are clearer.  And man, if good old Art Linkletter wasn't onto something (that's an incredibly old school TV personality reference, anyone remember Art Linkletter from Kids Say the Darndest Things, anyone?).

Did you know Cinderella has a "Beyonce?"  According to my daughter, Lucy, that is what Cinderella's fiance is called.

"Dude, did you see that?," Wade, my 2-year-old, asked his stuffed Like A Good Neigh-bear he received from our State Farm agent earlier in the week. I'm not really a fan of kids going around saying "dude" but a 2-year-old and a stuffed insurance bear? That's pretty priceless to me.

"Ooh look at the beautiful moon," I pointed out to the kids last night.  It was big and beautiful and almost full.  

"Yeah, I've seen the moon a bunch of times, it's great," my 4-year-old little neighbor Julia informed me as she ran off to play with the other kids.

I stayed a little longer looking at that moon, laughing.  Laughing at the sweet funny things kids say.  Loving all their goofiness and innocence.  I don't care how many times I hear the cute stuff they come up with, it will always be sweet and god damn wonderful, and that I know for sure.

Here's some other stuff I know for sure (this week):

  • I am feeling some backlash from my I hate cats post last week.  Overall the reaction was pretty positive--most cat lovers rolled their eyes and laughed.  My fellow non-cat fans sent messages full of "amens" and "I hear ya sisters."  I got one "don't judge a whole species" tweet that was borderline offended.  My biggest critic?  My daughter Lucy.  She is still miffed that I professed my disdain for felines and hasn't forgiven me for sending an "adorable" kitten out of the house.  She keeps bringing books on cats home from the library and leaving them by the computer.  She is torturing me.
This cat is looking at me like it knows I hate it.

  • Backyard two-hand touch football and flag football are great.  In fact, I could live with this being all there is.  I'd actually encourage my boys to play high school flag football.  Tackle? There will be no encouragement from me, I have a mini panic attack every time the word concussion is mentioned. Ugh.

  • Instagram + Pittsburgh= Hella Good.  We're heading to Pittsburgh, PA for the weekend (to visit family and run in our family 5K tradition).  I love this town. It's a postcard kind of town and I can't wait to Instagram the hell out of it.  Follow me on Instagram--@jumpingwithmyfingerscrossed.

  • Speaking of Hella Good, I love No Doubt.  Here they are performing on Ellen.

  • I've been channeling Mrs. Doubtfire.  We watched the late early 90s classic earlier in the week.  And during times of frustration, I found myself saying "What would Mrs. Doubtfire do?"  So,  I showed a little more patience and kindness just like she would.  And much to my kids' chagrin, I used a British accent and said "Hellloooo" a lot. A lot.

  • My husband, Tim, is just like Ne-Yo.  Okay, he doesn't dance, sing or wear a fedora but he shows me what true love can do.  Ne-Yo's song,Let Me Love You, perfectly describes how Tim pulls me out of some pretty deep funks.  Love these lyrics, love this song and love my husband.

  • Voter turn out is not looking good.  No, I'm not getting political.  Not many people voted on which Real Housewife intro I should send to Bravo.  In case you missed it, watch the video and cast your vote. 

What do you know for sure (this week)? Or did your kid say something cute or something that made you laugh? Share what you know, leave a comment or head on over to my Facebook page and share what you know there.