Monday, September 24, 2012

Premiere Week

Busy. Busy. Busy.  Best way to describe our weekend. Baseball, football, birthday parties, church, homework, etc.  And oh yeah, sick.  I'm still sick. I just Googled "how long does a cold last" and Google told me 7-10 days. Ugh.

There was this:
Skipping rocks with my sweet baby boy.  Even though I felt like I might pass out on our walk back home, it was worth it.  How cute is he?

And there was this too:
All of us huddled together to watch JT's football game on a chilly Saturday morning.  Lucy of course reading, not watching.

And then there were the Emmy's, usually one of my favorite nights on TV.  But this year sucked.  I love Jimmy Kimmel, but I like an opening song and dance number more.    I love Modern Family, but I didn't think last season was so Emmy award-worthy.  And sadly, I don't have HBO so I didn't see half the shows/movies/mini-series that won.

One of the funny parts was this Modern Family skit about how the actress who plays little Lily is a monster--cute.

The only moment where I actually laughed out loud at the Emmy's was when Melissa McCarthy did her thang.  And it was funny.

Now that the Emmy's are over and hopefully my sickness is too, I am looking forward to a week of good television premieres.  
In honor of new Fall TV, this week I am devoting some of my posts to my most beloved medium... television.  Including my theory on the Housewife Effect (based on the Real Housewives franchise).  Stay tuned.

Until then, here are a few premieres I am looking forward to this week:

New Girl


The Good Wife

What TV shows are you looking forward to watching? Do you have a show you and your husband watch together?  You and your kids?  A guilty pleasure?

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