Friday, December 14, 2012

Blue Christmas and What I Know For Sure (This Week)

It's going to be a blue Christmas.  No I'm not talking about all my melancholy, dark and twistiness.  I'm talking about something that makes me very happy.

Our new/old blue piano.

Last winter, my friend Amy (the amazing Pinterest NonPoser pal I told you about) mentioned she had a piano she wanted to give away.  She said she was GIVING it away and didn't know if anyone would wanted it because it was blue.  Um, I want it BECAUSE it is blue.  A blue piano in my green room?  With my loud, joyful family?  Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!

Months later, we finally coordinated the movers and the piano arrived.  Just in time for Christmas. A blue Christmas.

I envision many family jams around this fabulous piano.  There will be sing-alongs galore. 

This blue piano fills me with joy.  It helps me paint the picture, fulfill the dream of the family/home I always wanted--noisy, happy, joyful, emotional, musical.

The piano is the best Christmas gift ever, that I know for sure.

Here's what else I know for sure (this week):

  • Animal hats are adorable.  I used to be against the animal hat craze until Wade got one.  His awesome godmother got him one for an early Christmas gift and I am obsessed with the cuteness.

  • Joy feels damn good.  I am a sensitive soul with low lows and high highs.  Possibly a bit borderline bipolar which is probably not so great.  But what I love about being borderline is that the joy is really f-ing joyful.  Here's a couple of my favorite joyful songs right now:

Adorable video. Love. It will make you smile, I promise.

  • I'm a little behind on my chalk board/calendar.  I got stuck the week before Halloween. Uh-oh.

  • I can't wait for these ladies to host the Golden Globes. Girl Power!

  • Here's my favorite Christmas commercial this year.  With three boys who love baseball, I can relate.

  • Our elf on the shelf, Keith Babu, is a hit.  Even though my husband and I are kind of half-ass elfers, the kids seem to eat it all up.  Early in the morning or right before bed, JT can be found having a talk with Keith.  Not sure if he is explaining himself and the things he might have done wrong or simply just saying hi.

  • I HATE germs and viruses can suck it.  I have had a sick child home with me for 9 out of the last 10 school days. Yup.  We're all going a little crazy.
  • Christmas is magical.  JT not only talks to our elf, Keith, he also talks to the Wise Men in our nativity set up.  It's pretty cute.
A quick chat before school.

  • Winning a Wii U would quite possibly make you a very popular mom/dad/grandma/aunt/uncle/girlfriend---oh hell person, you'd be a popular person.  Click here to find out how to enter yet another amazingly rad giveaway.
  • The reason for the season is baby Jason?  Yeah, that's what Wade said as we walked by a nativity set up on our way to the store yesterday.  "Happy Birthday baby Jason."  He also called the camel a cow.  He's the fourth child, whatever.

What do you know for sure (this week)? C'mon, we're friends, share what you know.  Leave a comment here or on the Facebook page.

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  1. here's what i know for sure:

    1. we were also gifted a free piano and it's awesome. it also helps me complete the picture and our pictures are weirdly similar.

    2. those songs are great and i have had the lumineers in my ears for WEEKS. i love them.

    3. i still don't know how to have a good morning with my kids. it always devolves into some yelling and my angry face. then, when i drop them off (oldest late, baby crying) i feel terrible. seems like there should be some way to fix all of this. i'll be waiting for someone to tell me what that magic thing is.

    4. kids are forgiving but they also appreciate a heartfelt apology. (i'm composing mine now.)

    5. the next week at work is going to be a big bucket of suck, but then it's hellllllllllllloooooo vacation - 13 days in a ROW and no plans so far!

    6. baby jason kind of made my morning.

  2. "He's the fourth child. Whatever." HA!!

    I absolutely adorev that how piano, especially in your green room. LOVE. Can I come jam?