Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Miracles

Merry Christmas!

The past 24 hours has been full of mini Christmas miracles.  

Wade's rash was diagnosed as a creepy, weird sounding autoimmune problem that will eventually go away and IS NOT CONTAGIOUS.  Thank you Father Christmas, Dr. Pediatrician, sir, you just made our Christmas Eve so much better.  Not only will my whole family not be covered in the hideous rash that is all over baby Wade, but we were able to all go to church and be a part of the Christmas pageant and head over to grandma's afterward.

This is the sign I made and pinned to Wade's shirt for the church nursery.  He ripped it off after a few minutes however.
It's a good thing we made it to the pageant seeing how our family took up half the roles: Peyton was an innkeeper, Lucy and I were angels, Tim and JT were Roman soldiers.  The mini Christmas miracles continued with a rousing performance by the Youngbloods, well, er, at least none of us forgot our lines completely.  Sure we kind of made the finale our own when the Roman soldier (Tim) put his arm around the Angel Gabriel (me) and gave her a kiss as we all hovered over the baby Jesus (played by real baby Jimmy).  But I think it worked.

As we left church and headed to my mother-in-law's house, snow began to fall.  It was going to be a white Christmas after all.  

We stayed up late and the kids woke up early.  (And Tim and I are f#&*ing exhausted.)  

Everyone was happy with the gifts they got.  We are not a supersized Christmas morning family, but it honestly doesn't seem to bother the kids.

We spend Christmas day at home all day and all night, playing, resting, eating, resting and having fun together.  
The kids had fun trying out JT's new bow and arrow in the back yard.  I said they could all be Olympians if they practiced enough.  They said to lay off mom because they were just playing hunter. 

Hope you've had some Christmas miracles and happiness at your house this year too.

Here's one of my favorite Christmas songs from She & Him- Christmas Wish.

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