Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Real Winner

I recently won something.  I never win anything.  Okay, wait, once I won a free Tai Chi class.  It was a random drawing and I thought it was a sign that my life was going to change, that big things were going to happen. It turned out to only be one very short Tai Chi class at a gym that was trying a new marketing strategy, little did they know that I was 22 and broke and wouldn't be signing up for any more classes.

So, no, my life didn't change that much after 20 minutes of free Tai Chi and nothing has been won by me since then.  (Okay, yeah, I get it, I won the lottery of life because I have a great husband, four beautiful kids and I'm healthy, but you know what I mean.)

That all changed last week when I found out I was nominated for MomPulse Mom of the Year in the Funniest Mom Vlog category.  They gave me 24 hours to campaign and I knocked on every door, set up informal phone banks and sent out spammy emails and text messages.  I went a little f-ing crazy.  I thought if I win it was a sign that big things were going to happen.

And just like a lackluster season of Dancing With The Stars, I was the D Actor that pulled out the upset win.  All my campaigning paid off big time.  I got an award for being Mom of the Year--not for being a crafty mom, not for being the best overall most caring, compassionate mom, not for being the most well-behaved mom at the car loop (even though if that was a category I think I really might win that too, people suck at the car loop!), nope, I got it for being funny.  I can live with that.

Has my life changed in the last week? Not so much.  But it does feel awesome to win something.

Check out my acceptance/thank you speech where I reveal what Sandra Bullock and I have in common.  

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