Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How To Talk To A Celebrity

This past weekend a few of my dreams came true.  We're talking lifelong dreams.  And yes, they involved pop culture, soap operas to be exact, and celebrities.

While at the blog conference (that I can't stop writing/talking about) I  got the chance to meet three actors from All My Children.  The show was cancelled, but is finding new life online (along with One Life To Live)--the first episode in the new genre airs April 29.

I'm really happy that they are bringing back the show.  But I'm happier that I got to rub shoulders with the stars (some people say rub elbows, but I prefer to rub shoulders...I think it's like you say tomato I say tomato, which is a reference that only really works if you are reading this aloud).  Two of the actors/stars, I've watched on TV for a million years--Dixie from All My Children (and she was also Rosanna on As The World Turns) and David also from All My Children (but I loved him as Lujack on Guiding Light).

And then this happened:

Ahhhhmazing, Dixie might read my blog!

There were more celebrities (like the stars of the sitcom Suburgatory Ana Gasteyer and Jeremy Sisto) and more shoulder rubbing later in the weekend.  And since I'm such a big deal, I linked up with Mama Kat's Vlogging Prompts.

This week, I decided to give some very helpful hints on How To Talk To A Celebrity.  Because if you know me, you know I did everything right.  And if you really know me, you know I am totally kidding.  My How To's are usually How Not To's and this one is no different.  Check it out:

(If you are an email subscriber and the video isn't coming up, click on this link to watch

When I thought it couldn't get any better, it did.  It got so good I kind of can't believe it.  I finally made it to SouthFork.  You know SouthFork, the ranch on the television show Dallas.  I was worried the ranch would be closed and I wouldn't be able to go on a tour or into the museum...

The blog/vlog about that experience will be up soon.  So, stay tuned.  See how I left it like a cliffhanger? Was the ranch open?  Did I get to fulfill the whole dream? Very soap opera-y, right?

Check back with me soooon.  And hey, follow me on Twitter and Instagram.  And definitely subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch never before seen SouthFork footage coming soon.  

In the meantime, check out the trailer for All My Children and One Life To Live.


  1. If I ever meet a celebrity, I think I am going to follow your advice b/c you know what, that's how you make an impression... be is a crazy impression but an impression none the less.

  2. What great advice! If I ever meet a celebrity, they probably won't be able to understand a thing I'm saying...I tend to use a lot of words, too. ;)