Friday, March 22, 2013

Les Mis DVD Day, What I Know For Sure & #iPPP

Happy Les Mis on DVD and BluRay Day!

Since I saw the movie back in January, I have been just a wee bit obsessed with it. It inspired everyday revolutions even at Chuck E. Cheese and we even named our new puppy after Cossette. 
It wasn't just the movie but the music, the story, the moral of the story.  Love. Faith. Compassion. Mercy. Fighting for justice.  I mean COME ON.   

There's nothing wrong with love, I know that for sure.  And in the spirit of Les Miserables and love, I want to give someone a copy of the Les Miserables DVD.  Just leave a comment about either what you loved about Les Miserables or what you love about your life. (the winner will be announced next Tuesday!)

Here's what else I know for sure (this week):

  • Disney songs + dancing=super fun for the family.  Snow on the first day of spring couldn't get us down with this fun family game.  Seriously, we all love it.

  • Living in a cold climate makes kids resourceful.  Can't play baseball because it's snowing outside?  That's okay, my kids can make a tee out of anything, even a drum.

  • Karma is real.  Usually the things that bug me end up being things that I do. I hate to be a hater, but....I do have a few pet peeves. Uh-oh.  Here's my latest vlog where I talk about my pet peeves in case you missed it.

  • Having a puppy is hard as hell, but seriously the moments with the kids are so precious.

  • I hope Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake do History of Rap forevah!

Don't forget to leave a comment to get a chance to win a DVD of the amazing Les Miserables.

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