Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Going To Be Alright And Pet Peeves (& Mama Kat)

Well, it's time.  I'm outta here.  I've already left in fact.  
My weekend away has officially begun.  BlissDom is happening whether I'm ready or not.

And really I'm not all that ready.  But it will be alright.

While readying myself for this blogging conference adventure, I ordered business cards.  Cards that will be ready and arrive in Michigan today, after I arrive in Texas today.  Whomp. Whomp.  But it will be alright.

That's my go-to phrase for, well, everything.
It's the phrase that I always want Tim to say whenever life gets chaotic or stressful.  It's my mantra really--It will be alright.  And besides, if it's not alright, it usually makes a funny story eventually.

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This week while I was failing at readying, I missed my Wednesday vlog link up with Mama Kat.  

So here's my day late link up about Pet Peeves.  It involves Mickey Mouse, car loops and grumpy people at a grocery store.  Check it out:

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