Friday, March 1, 2013

Super Lucy Turns 9

Lucy turns 9 years old today.  For almost a decade, my daughter has been on this Earth and in our lives making everything brighter, bigger, better.  

I saw this image on and it can be purchased here.
Lucy, whose self-created alter ego is "Super Lucy," makes life a 
hell of a lot more interesting and funny.  She's a goofball who like to play dress up.  She pays attention and knows when to tell the joke.  

Lucy is intense and smart.  If she isn't going for the joke, she's reading.  Always reading. Everywhere.

Lucy is unafraid, unapologetic, unwavering and simply unbelievable.  She is the bravest person in our family.  She leads.  She teaches.  She challenges.

I know the teenage years can be, um, intense.  I know that she will change and some of the qualities that I love about her will be the ones that make me go a little crazy.  

But I just really dig her, I really love her.  I am looking forward to watching her grow up and being a witness as she unleashes the fierceness of Super Lucy on the world. I know that for sure (this week and always).

Here's what else I know for sure (this week):

  • Interviewing your kids is an awesome way to spend some one-on-one time with them.  I had so much fun doing this project I got from Pinterest.  If you missed it earlier in the week, here it is:

  • I know why there is/was a major flu outbreak this year....because Tami flu is f#&*ing expensive.  We are lucky to have pretty good insurance, so when Wade got the flu last week I was grateful we caught it early and didn't worry too much about co pays.  Until I discovered my co-pay was $200.  Yup, $200.  So when Wade spits it out, I fuuurrreaakkk out.  It's liquid gold.

  • Musicals are a great teaching tool.  A friend of mine loaned me his copy of a Les Miserables soundtrack, after I wouldn't stop talking about the movie.  Well, we've been listening to it in the car on full blast to every practice, every game, every lesson and we are loving it.  We've also had some amazing conversations about compassion, tyranny, helping the homeless, rich people and poor people, socioeconomics, war and more.  For real, in between singing "Look Down" and "On My Own" we get very deep.  THIS is my kind of learning/teaching.

  • I'm over it.  The Harlem Shake was funny, I guess, but please stop.  Now I'm just disturbed by my local news anchors and everyone else in the world breaking into weird/mascot/sometimes wall-humping dancing. 

  • Rummikub is still the bomb.  Our favorite game from Christmas break is still entertaining us.  Our recent snow days have been filled with several rounds of the number game.

  • I am a Jennifer Lawrence fan, just like everyone else. But come on, she is really awesome (don't forget I know her, because my physical therapist partied with her once).  Check out this totally heartwarming story about her old friend from Louisville, Kentucky. I think if you didn't like her before, you will now.

  • Winter isn't over yet.  Even though spring has sprung at my local grocery store and the Easter decorations and "spring is here" signs are for sale, um, it's still snowing here.  

  • The animal hat trend isn't over yet either.  Come on, the hats are cute.  I was cynical at first, but kind of fell in love with how cute they look on my kiddos.  Since the cold is still hanging on, I thought it would be fun to give away these two cute animal hats in the pic below.  Check them out!  Leave a comment about what you know for sure this week, I'll randomly pick two winners by midnight and get them out in the mail tomorrow.
The hat giveaway is sponsored by The Funky Frog, a resale shop located on my main street here in Rochester, MI.  Click here for details or vist them on Facebook.

  • The Pleated Poppy Shop is amazing.  A big thank you to Lindsey Cheney for sponsoring a giveaway.  Barb from beforeverlovely is the winner of the $25 gift card.  Congrats Barb!

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  1. Oh, congrats, Barb! I hope there's a Pleated Poppy table at Blissdom again this year...I didn't even venture into the marketplace last year.

    So many things....first, I've said it before, but I LOVE LUCY. Not only is she a gorgeous little girl, but she really seems like a kicka$$ one, too. Happy birthday, Lucy!!

    Two, I also love Jennifer Lawrence. She's amazing and so funny and real.

    Three, those hats are awesome.

    What I know this week? I'm SO READY TO SPRING.