Wednesday, March 11, 2015


This past Sunday was International Women's Day. There were quotes and links and inspiration and statistics all over social media.  (Click here and here for a photographer that moved me to tears.)

There was also a campaign called #DearMe where people wrote letters and made videos giving advice to their younger selves.  

I decided to make a video giving my younger self some advice. 

It actually started before International Women's Day.  One day last week as I made the kids an after-school snack, I was telling them about how I almost wasn't allowed to go on my eighth-grade class trip.  I had too many points on my record.  Points were given out to us by our teachers when we did something wrong.  My kids were shocked and appalled.  I explained that I got points because I talked too much and was late to class a lot, because of all the talking.  

"I just really enjoyed people and talking to them and hearing about what they were doing," I told my kids as they ate their apples.  "Kind of interesting that I ended up telling stories for a living and putting on a storytelling show," I added laughing and taking a bite of an apple.

Woah. If only I could have known that all the talking wasn't a horrible thing, that I wasn't a bad person and that the points wouldn't end my world and that the eighth grade class trip wasn't that great anyway (I did end up going and it was fun). If only I could have known that all the detentions and feelings of not fitting in and getting in trouble and getting shitty grades in high school wouldn't define the future me (at least in a bad way).  

I mean hello #DearMe.  So, here's my #DearMe video with advice to the younger me...

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Here's information about the whole campaign..

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  1. This is so awesome! I love that things we assumed about ourselves as kids turned out to not be as big of a deal (or be better) than we assumed. I'm glad you told your younger self this. It makes me happy that you are YOU and that you do talk and connect and write and share stories. Love YOU!