Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Turning 11 & Saying Nice Things

It was Lucy's birthday this past weekend.  She turned 11. Eleven years old!!!!

Lucy is starting to get a little moody and she rolls her eyes when I say things.  She thinks I'm soooo annoying one minute and stomps away the next.  But she also holds my hand when we walk through stores and she watches Gilmore Girls with me (it's pretty special to have a show that just the two girls in the house watch together).  We talk about all kinds of things, from friends and school to pop culture and world events.

Lately I look at her and I feel very protective.  I want to make sure I say the right things, model the right things and do the right things.  But I'm not sure what all those things are.

I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she gave me a list.  "I really can't wait for the video," she added.

Last year, I made her a video because she turned 10.  I made one for Peyton when he turned 10, it kind of made became a thing....every year a kid turns 10 in our house I make a video.  I hadn't planned on making a video every birthday, but Lucy really couldn't wait for the video? I had to make a video.

Instead of doing a slide show of her baby photos, I decided to interview the family about what we love about Lucy.  People do that for friends and family that are turning 40, why can't we do that for someone turning 11?  I mean heading into 11 is when you really want to hear what people love about you right?  Hormones and middle school and so much change and uncertainty are heading her way, our way.  Why not say all the the nice things to her now instead of waiting 29 years, right? So we did.

After interviewing her brothers and Tim, I learned things I didn't know about how they felt about Lucy.  I want to make a video for everybody and give us all the opportunity to say nice things about each other and feel nice things about each other.

Here's the video, here's what we love about Lucy:

(Click here to watch the video.)


  1. That video has me in a puddle on the floor. Angela, if I ever need to be adopted I'm coming to live with y'all! ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Super Lucy!!!

  2. Awww! That made me tear up a bit. I hope she had an amazing birthday! Happy birthday, Lucy.

    She sounds a lot like my Ivy. Amazing girls.

    (Your hair is so cute, by the way!)

  3. Such an awesome video. Happy Birthday to Lucy!

  4. I am in TEARS. What an amazing tribute to your girl. Happy birthday Lucy!

  5. So sweet. Happy Birthday to Lucy!

  6. Oh my goodness, I love this so much! I want to come over and play orphans with your kids. I'm sure she will treasure this - what you said about this being the perfect age to tell her what you love about her? PERFECT. Happy Birthday Super Lucy.