Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dreams and Stages and Listen To Your Mother

Almost a year ago, I stepped onto a stage and told a story.  I was scared at first, but then I fell in love. I fell in love with how that can-I-really-do-this? kind of scared made me feel alive.  I fell in love with the audience when they laughed at and with me.  I fell in love with telling stories.  I fell in love with being on stage.

I was on stage telling my story at the very first Listen To Your Mother show in Detroit (which I also co-produced/directed).  

We are in the midst of planning this year's Listen To Your Mother in Detroit. This year, not only will I be telling a story, but I get to be the MC and have the great honor of introducing all of the storytellers.  We have a cast of 13 (including me) people that will be scared and excited and taking the stage on April 26th.

Check out this video with advice from last year's LTYM amazing cast members for this year's cast.
Listen To Your Mother Metro Detroit Advice From The 2014 Cast from Jumping With My Fingers Crossed on Vimeo.

Being a part of this show has given me so many opportunities to be creative and learn new things and meet fascinating people. It's given me the opportunity to be on stage and have these daydreams about being on more stages.  I feel more alive and sort of like a kid again.  Except I'm not a kid, which isn't a bad thing. 

At almost 41, I am more confident and comfortable in my skin than when I was 21. I mean I've lived so much more life. I've survived bad jobs, bad relationships, stupid decisions, a crazy mother, running a marathon, childbirth, being broke, losing people I loved and being totally rejected and...I'm still here and pretty happy.  

Less things intimidate me now (except for yoga, that still intimidates me). I know who I am and more of what I want.  Time and sleep are way more valuable at almost 41. I'm ready to stop apologizing and start moving along. I am okay with setting boundaries and saying no and not letting toxic people back into my life. And not feeling guilty about it. Saying no is actually getting a lot easier. Saying yes to things and people and places I want to be is too.  

I am saying yes to dreams and creating new opportunities and reinvention and more stages.  

I read an article recently about how Phyllis Diller was 40 years old (and had 4 or 5 kids) when she started her career in comedy.  They called her a late bloomer.  Well, folks, I will be 41 in June and I am blooming.  

Who knows what will happen....maybe I will Phyllis Diller the hell out of my stage time at LTYM and get discovered by some talent scout in the audience and I will tour the Midwest telling bad jokes.  Or maybe not. But I know without a doubt, that I will be a part of an unbelievably powerful show where people get to get on stage and tell their stories and discover dreams that they maybe didn't even know they had and awaken creative fires they didn't even know were there.

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  1. I love that you love it so much! I can't figure out why I love it. I get so nervous, and my knees shake, but the energy of the audience always makes me want to go on. I can't wait to do it again this year!