Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy One Month Closer To Summer

Spring has sprung, sort of.  Last Friday, the sun was shining but it was only around 45 degrees.  But so what, we live in Michigan, I put on my winter coat and got my bike out.

It was so great to get old Tallulah out again.

I love spring because it leads to the season I love the most, summer.  But change is hard, even good change.  I struggle with change because I want control.  I'm really struggling right now because I have no control over anything!!!!!  Kids, bills, body fat, hormones, stress, dogs, money, wrinkles, jobs, no jobs, time, weather, ahhhhh.  

But there's no time to overanalyze because our weekends are insanely busy.  

Here's a video recap of our weekend in one minute and 30 seconds.

One Weekend from Jumping With My Fingers Crossed on Vimeo.

Our whole life feels insanely busy. Practices and homework and work and meetings and lessons and bedtimes and routines.  If I did take a minute to analyze it just a little bit, I would say one of the reasons that I love summer (besides the warm weather and swimming and sunshine and no coats, hats or gloves)is because there is no homework, fewer early mornings and I get to sort of control more of our lives.  

So, happy spring to all of us.  Or should I say, happy one month closer to summer.

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