Friday, January 13, 2012


The titles of the posts this week have been so telling:
I Get No Respect
and now Distracted.

Waaaah.  What a sad lady.
No I am not sad, just sick of waiting.  Waiting sucks so bad. (I know it should be badly, but I feel like a seventh grade girl, so I am going to speak/write like one!) I feel like Christmas was like a thousand years ago.  C'mon already.  Waiting is stupid.

Yes, we are still waiting for the banks.  Still. Waiting. And Waiting.  Ugh.
But life goes on while we wait.
"You're a punk," my 5-year-old JT sneered at me over his shoulder as he stomped away the other day.  I had just punished him for doing something, probably something violent.

JT didn't say more than two words, at least two words clearly, until he was 3.  Three years of speech therapy later, he is getting pretty good.  But it is still strange to hear so many colorful words from him.  And he is pretty colorful with how he uses them.

After a bath the other night he came over to me and said "Look at my penis, isn't it gorgeous?"

Really?  That snapped me out of my distracted fog.  "Yes honey your penis is gorgeous, now go put some pjs on," is how I replied.  I mean what am I supposed to say to that?

Ah, yes life goes on indeed.

Kids say crazy shit, they wrestle each other like maniacs.
 I don't think letting them play the lovely Wii game Smack Down vs. Raw is going to cut down on the violence.  But what else should I do with them while I am busy being distracted?
Lucy doesn't get in on the wrestling, but she sure poses like a badass.  And in shiny silver pants,fierce.

Soap operas get cancelled.  Today is the last of One Life To Live.  No more Vicki Buchanan, I can't even imagine a world without Victoria Lord Buchanan, or Nikki Smith.

So this weekend life is going on and I will try to focus.  Focus on not what we are waiting for, but what we have and what we have to do.

But if I need to be distracted from my distraction, I know what to watch.  

Deep down I am not really like an immature seventh grade girl, more like an immature seventh grade boy. Maybe that is the reason I fell in love with clips from Impractical Jokers.  A show on TruTV and it is stupid, but sooooo funny.

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