Friday, January 20, 2012

Moving Out Part One

Be prepared for several posts about packing, moving and unpacking.

Because we are in full swing of Operation Moving OUT.  It is a wonderful thing and I am very happy. But I do look around and wonder how the hell everything will get done.

It's a er, um, fun? challenge with the kids "helping."  The older ones are indeed pretty helpful, the younger ones not so much.

Took my eyes off Wade for a few minutes to pack up a box, I thought he was happily watching Cars 2.  But he was busy getting crafty and drawing a racetrack on his bed sheet.  

It cracks me up when people ask "Where are you moving?" and I tell them "down the street."  People look less sympathetic.  Next time someone asks I will look at them and say "overseas" and get the sympathy and attention I am looking for.

Down the street, cross country or overseas, moving is messy.  But it can be fun too.  I am making some fun old finds as I empty the shelves,drawers and closets (some that haven't been touched in quite possibly a decade).

My super cool laptop from my post-college days.

And my ancient looking phone that still had a message from the Starbucks guy asking if I would come in for a barista interview.  Which I didn't get because I wasn't cool enough.  Whatever, I'm still not cool enough to work there.

It's messy, but it's also an adventure.
Here's Moving Part One.

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