Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The State of My Union

Years ago, I used to pop some popcorn and watch the State of the Union address.  That was when I was in college.  Seriously, I did that.

This year, there were some really cool friends of mine that got together for viewing parties.  Seriously, there were parties and the friends are so cool.  But sadly, I didn't attend.  Or pop popcorn.

Because people, the state of my union is chaos.  
Well, this room looks ready to move doesn't it?

We are down to two days before the big move.....down the street.   Whatever.  It is still insane.  

Boxes, boxes and more boxes.  
What a dumb time to try and drink less wine. Grrrrrr!

I love Ellen's take on the state of the union.  It's silly and fun, which I like at the moment.

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