Monday, January 30, 2012

Grab and Go

I'm tired. Really tired.  If there was a contest for being the most tired, I feel pretty confident that I would win.  I'm so tired I don't feel like watching tv or drinking wine...yup, that tired.

We moved this weekend.  And it went well despite the blustery winter conditions and my complete lack of organization.
This was my bedroom the morning we started the whole moving process.  Thank god we had a few days to get everything out.  My style is more grab and go in the picture below I grabbed toilet paper, a lamp, a stool and a blanket.   
Look, right now I am going to admit that karma is kicking my ass.  For all the times I rolled my eyes about someone being ultra-organized.  Or maybe even called them stiff and unable to enjoy life and go with the flow.  For all those moments I made fun of you organized folk and praised my lack-of-a-system life, karma got me this weekend.  Because I am totally f-ing jealous of the organized people, the color-coded-everything-has-a-place people.  

The move wasn't horrible and thankfully we had so much help from friends and family, it was in no way organized.  And now as I look around my house and wonder what the hell I am going to do with all this stuff I wish I was a little more....full of planning skills and long-term organizational vision.

But I'm not.  So we are once again living amongst those beloved boxes.  And the kids are finding new ways to enjoy the chaos.
Like playing dress up in my wedding dress.  Isn't that what you're supposed to do with it? Oh some of you have it cleaned and stored in a special keepsake box.  Yeah, I might be rolling my eyes a little bit.

I lied though, I wasn't too tired for wine.  After a long few days, I sat down with my Sam Cooke Pandora station playing with a glass of wine in hand.  Looking around I  couldn't help but be excited about the messy fresh start. Emphasis on the fresh start. Over the weekend I told a friend that I was changing, "this house is going to be the most organized of my life.  You wait and see."  

Yeah, and maybe I will finally learn French....I mean I do keep moving the learn to speak French CDs. 
Yeah, maybe....
Au Revoir

Until then...enjoy a little classic Sam Cooke.
(the song choice is just because it is amazing to me, not for any other reason, no real troubled mind here for now at least)

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