Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pack It Up

We have never been very organized.  Fun?  Good parents? I can confidently say maybe.  But organized? I can give you a very definite, confident no.

As parents we are pretty much up for anything.

Letting them spray crazy string on me.  Good times, can't you tell by my face? 
Playing anything, anytime. Tim actually had a headache and Lucy took the opportunity to play was a creepy doll attacking hospital I guess.

As grown ups we aren't so good.  We are those people that don't know where the receipt is, have a thousand chargers in a drawer and no idea what they charge, forget to pay the bill even when there is money in the bank to pay it.  Yup.  That's us.  

So please imagine all of our closets that are stuffed with old receipts and bills and everything else we haven't organized or apparently thrown away.  And now imagine packing it all up to move. 

That's right we are moving in a little over a month....maybe.  We are in the process of short selling our house and at the mercy of one all mighty bank to give us a nod of approval.  Well they've given the nod verbally, we just need it in writing.  Our realtor advised us to wait until we got that precious piece of paper to start looking for rental houses (we are renting for a year or two until we can put our finances in perfect order and for us unorganized folk we need a drastic move like this).

So we wait.  While we wait Tim suggested we act like organized grown ups and start packing.  Reluctantly, I agreed.  But remember those jam packed closets I was describing?  Ugh.  And cleaning or packing a closet is always such a messy job.  

February 15.  That is the tentative closing date if the sale is approved.  

That date has special meaning for Tim and me, in a way it's when all this business of being grown ups sort of started for us together.  You see, it is the day Tim asked me to marry him.  Most people (including me all those years ago) might expect a proposal on February 14, you know the most romantic day of the year.  But because of issues picking up the ring, coordinating schedules and all that organizational stuff, it didn't work out.  So instead on February 15th, after Chinese take out, Tim got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. And we began our unorganized, messy grown up life together.

Grown ups are supposed to buy a house right?  So we did.  And believe it or not, the day we signed the papers and became owners of this lovely old home was, February 15.  Twelve years ago, Tim and I sat in a room signing documents, not having a clue if we were doing the right thing or where our lives were heading.

Now, we wait for February 15.  We wait to find out where we are going.  Even though we aren't organized, we now do have a clue what we are doing.  

We may not know where we are going exactly, but we know to appreciate the adventure, each step of it. 

All these years, kids, health problems, job worries, vacations, weddings, funerals, birthdays later we know it's not all about being organized.  Being a grown up is about surviving, getting back up when you are down, thriving and appreciating.  And loving.  We get it, most of the time. 

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