Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Enough Halloween?

I used to love Halloween.  All candy, no pressure.  All costumes, no whose house are we going to for dinner dilemma.  But I'm afraid I may have become a Halloween Scrooge.

We've been watching Halloween specials on Disney Junior since the beginning of October.  We carved pumpkins two weeks ago.  Instagram and Pinterest have been full of Halloween party pics/ideas since August.

Parties have gotten bigger and my patience has gotten smaller. Ugh.

It seems the only holiday that is sacred and not overexposed and overdone is....wait, let me think....maybe Valentines Day?  Ugh.

Just when I thought I was going to cancel Halloween and just put a bowl of candy on my front porch and turn out my lights this happened:

The kids came down in their costumes, all ready for their school parties.  All excited about the possibilities of Halloween, candy and costumes.
Oh my, they are  cute.  My heart grew three sizes.

Even with blurry pictures, the cuteness is captured.  At least I think so, I am sorry about the blurriness.

Okay, Halloween isn't so horrible. Maybe I'm just tired. I need to rest after the morning parties before the evening trick-or-treating fun.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. really enjoy your blog, Happy Halloween. Marie B.

  2. Just be glad you didn't choose to put the bowl of candy on the porch...We decided to both walk around with Alex, so we got our big bowl of candy together, wrote a nice note about helping yourself, placed it on the porch, came back inside to get Alex and heard 2 groups on the porch....When we walked out - all candy gone ... the little selfish buggers took it all within 2 minutes while WE WERE STILL IN THE HOUSE.....I wanted to start hunting and haunting some people....but didn't!