Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pinterest Poser and Try It Tuesdays

I have never really felt too horrible about not being perfect.  There are moments where sure, I wish I could be more organized or crafty.  If I'm being totally honest, there are a few moments when I wish I was taller and my legs were longer. (Okay, more than a few.)

But I don't stress about it.  Not that I don't worry.  I worry about everything else but being perfect.  I worry about living with regret, f#&*ing up my kids with my inability to cope with small stupid stuff like traffic or an over scheduled extra curricular calendar, and getting places on time.  Perfect? Nope, not even trying. Perfect is boring, I prefer messy and complicated.  It's how I roll.

A lot of people get hung up on perfection from magazines (people still read those right?), web sites, Facebook pictures and Pinterest boards.  

"Your house must be full of really cool arts and crafts," someone said to me after seeing some of my Pinterest boards.  

"Um, no, I didn't know we were supposed to make the stuff we pinned," I joked.  

But seriously, I've really never made anything on my boards. Hmmmmm.  Now I guess I'm not worried about being perfect, but I'm worried about being a poser. A Pinterest poser.

Instead of wallowing or over-analyzing, which is my typical reaction to well, um, everything, I am looking at it as a challenge.  I'm not going to strive to be perfect, but why not strive to try new things.  So, today I am kicking off Try It Tuesdays.  Every week I will detail a new Pinterest challenge whether it be a new recipe or a craft.  Or maybe it's not even on Pinterest, maybe it's just something totally new that I did for the first time.  

Here's my first Try It inspired by (copied from) Pinterest (this site)--chalk board art/cool quote.

I love chalkboards and have several in my house.  This one pictured above is half the wall in my kitchen and I love it. The chalkboard was actually here when we moved in.

This chalk board was an old generic print we got from Linens & Things a million years ago.  The glass was broken so we decided to paint the frame white, paint a piece of plywood with chalkboard paint and put it in the frame.  BAM- chalkboard art.  This was a birthday message on Lucy's 8th birthday last year.

I hope you're inspired to try something new.  Tell me about it in the comments and/or leave a link to a project you started or your Pinterest page.  

Just for fun, if you haven't listened to Scissor Sisters "Let's Have a Kiki" watch and enjoy.  This can be your something new. It's funny, odd, ridiculous and I'm kind of obsessed.  

Or join Twitter for your something new.  Click here for some great advice for newbies. It explains terms like DM and hashtag.  Don't be intimidated, it's fun.  Hey and click here to follow me @AngelaYBlood.

Don't forget to leave a comment and share your Try It Tuesday story.  A comment here will also enter you in the last day of the R+D giveaway.

****Giveaway Alert****
All this not being perfect is exhausting.  I'm tired, people and my eyes are showing it.   That's why I'm trying Rodan + Fields Anti-Age Eye Cream.  I've heard amazing things about it.  

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  1. Hey, I've never left a comment, but I've been reading your blog ever since I stumbled across it a few months ago and I love it:) Your "Try It Tuesday" has inspired me....I, too, get on Pinterest and it makes me want to redo my entire life. I found these ideas for old mason jars (my husband has a patient that makes homemade salsa, so I've got about 15 mason jars sitting in my coat closet, waiting to be made into something incredible!). I thought I might make some cute little flower arrangements (did I mention I'm a sucker for fake flower arrangements? You can't kill them. Winning!). I went to Hobby Lobby and got all the stuff, including some Acrylic Water. I didn't read the instructions until I got home, where I learned that I would need "protective eye wear in case of shattering glass"...ummm, no. I love crafting, but not at the expense of my eyesight. So this little project has been sitting in my coat closet since August, complete with the Fall flowers I bought to make them...and if I don't make them now, I'll have to replace the mums with poinsettias (and I don't really like poinsettias, so...) Anyway, you inspired me to go for it:) -Ashley

    1. You are funny! Thank you for reading and you should send a picture of your finished product. I would love to see it. Thanks for commenting and good luck!

  2. I'm not after the eye cream. (I wouldn't most likely use it even if I did win it.) However, I did want to comment on the fact that you love chalkboards too. :) I think they are amazing gadgets to use for teaching. However, we have marker boards throughout our house now. :) (Real chalk is hard to find except in our own one and only teacher store in town, which is expensive.)

    I also tried a few things off my Pinterest board and wasn't overly impressed by the results. Things sometimes look better in a picture than they do in real life.

    1. I totally agree that things look better in pictures than real life! I love the idea of marker boards, I love chalk boards, but they can be messy too. Thanks for reading and commenting.