Monday, October 22, 2012

Two Weeks in Two Days

It was a very busy weekend around here.  We crammed two week's worth of fun into two days.  We went on tractor rides, picked pumpkins, carved pumpkins, celebrated a birthday, sang, danced, read, taught, listened, laughed, ate (a lot), visited, hosted, watched movies, read books, ate some more and took a million pictures.  Not to sound like I'm a high teenager, but it needs to be said,  it was epic.

We crammed in all of our Fall celebrations and traditions into one weekend because my husband, Tim, is having shoulder surgery today.  It's not major surgery, but in a house with a lot of kids and a lot of action, having one parent down an arm and doped up on painkillers can really put a damper on things.  Hence the cramming of all things Autumn this past weekend.

One tradition we had to take care of was our annual Youngblood Kid Photo Shoot.  Every Fall, I force gather the kids together for a picture at the same red barn in our town. We started this tradition three years ago.  I love to compare the pictures year to year and see how the kids have grown. Yesterday, we had exactly 15 minutes to get some good shots.  Here is what we were able to get:

Here's some of the mayhem that happened in those 15 minutes:
Lucy jumping with her fingers crossed.  Love it.


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