Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Try It Tuesday/Pinterest Poser Challenge

It's time again for the Try It Tuesday/Pinterest Poser Challenge In an attempt at not being a Pinterest Poser,* every week I  detail a new Pinterest challenge whether it be a new recipe or a craft.  Or maybe it's not even on Pinterest, maybe it's just something totally new that I'm trying for the first time.  

**My definition of a Pinterest Poser is someone who is all pins and no substance.** 

I had big plans for this Pinterest Poser Challenge.  They involved red paint, furniture and sewing.  But like many of my greatest ideas ever, I found myself with a lot of enthusiasm, but little time or energy or ability to sew.  Normally, I would maybe cry a little and say trying to be creative and try new things is stupid.  But new Pinterest Poser Challenge me refused to give up and I simply downsized my plans.  

Over the weekend, I made a smoothie for the first time and the recipe came from Pinterest.  I know you're thinking smoothie, really? Big deal. Oh but it was a big deal for me, I've never done it before.

I'm always looking for healthy breakfast options, so I was hopeful that my kids would like the smoothie.
Wade was fascinated by the blender.

The taste testers.  And the verdict...

Lucy was like "ehhh, sort of, okay" and JT was gagging. Whatever. It was good and healthy, so I told them I was going to make them drink my new favorite smoothie once a week.  Don't listen to these kids, it was very delicious.  Click here for the recipe.

One of the fabulous things about Pinterest is all the inspiration.  Yes, smoothies are great.  But there are so many god damn ideas on those boards.  Pinterest is my new Google for many of my searches like "quotes about family" or "crafts for my kid's school party" or "fancy appetizers" or "colorful homes" and more.

I began Pinteresting a boring hallway in my house. Spray painting a frame and a free printable download--BAM, I have a spruced up hallway.
This hallway is outside the kids' bedrooms and I love the quote- Love Is Spoken Here.  The rug is an old IKEA purchase that I found in the closet (the big kids were not happy with the elephant on the rug, but again, whatever).
I will add to the wall, but it's a start.

Click here for to download this printable (which I found on Pinterest of course) and more.

So how about it, will you take the Try It Tuesday/Pinterest Poser Challenge? What have you made, painted, cooked, arranged, sewed, Modge-Podged from Pinterest?  Or did you try something new and outrageous?  Share it in the comments or leave the link to a picture of your project or meal or furniture or pumpkins....well you get the idea.  

Oh yeah, and follow my Pinterest boards too.

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  1. Only my little two will ever drink smoothies, and it's usually because they're mine! What is UP with that?? I love them, and wish my kids would all drink them for breakfast. What's not to like about peanut butter and bananas??

    That's an adorable frame and quote! And the necklaces are really pretty. I've heard of Girls on the Run. Maybe someday we'll have a team here.

    1. I get shocked at the good stuff my kids won't eat sometimes. So frustrating! Thanks for reading and commenting. We need to do a gluten free recipe swap sometime soon.

  2. http://somethingnicetoday.com/2011/09/my-kitchen-is-for-dancing-print/

    Maybe this should be your second print for hanging.

    1. OMG! I LOVE this. Seriously, thank you. I'm totatlly putting this in my kitchen. Stay tuned for next week's Pinterest Poser Challenge. Lol. Thank you for sharing this!!!!!!

  3. we like smoothies, but in place of tofu, i use vanilla greek yogurt - still healthy and tastes way better. PLUS if you put enough bananas and strawberries in, you can also sneak some spinach in and they'll NEVER KNOW.

    unless they're watching, so plan to be in stealth-mode.

    i've been busted by the 5-year-old and i had to act like i totally *wasn't* sneaking, but as if i've ALWAYS put spinach in and she ALWAYS loved it. thank goodness she's easily convinced.

    1. Ooh, I love the sneakiness. I'm totally doing that for the kids that will drink them, 2 out of 4 of my kids liked the smoothies which I consider a decent success rate. Stealth-mode here I come!

  4. I couldn't get the reply to the reply button to respond, but yes I agree this print absolutely belongs in your kitchen!
    Even though I don't know you, I thought of you when I saw it.
    I noticed it comes from the UK. Hopefully the shipping costs aren't too high.