Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beyond Grateful

Monday morning, I drove my husband, Tim, to the outpatient surgery center.  I took him in for his first surgery ever.  How is that even possible?  Thirty-eight years old and no surgery? To say he was nervous, was an understatement.

The whole thing was strange.  In our almost 15 years together, it has always been me in the hospital bed.  Either having a baby or having some minor surgical procedure.  I'm the one hooked up to monitors and oxygen.  I'm the one being poked and prodded and drugged.  

And here's what...I prefer it that way.  No, I don't love all the drugging, poking and prodding.  But I prefer to go through it rather than watch someone you love go through it.  Any of it.  The nerves, the scary possibilities, the what ifs, the pain, the worry, etc.

Tim is my rock.  He is the stable one in this relationship.  He is the healthy one in all definitions of healthy--physical and mental. 

His shoulder surgery went smoothly.  He has been a surprisingly good, relaxed patient here at home.  And for that I am relieved.

He is still the one making jokes and making everything okay.

That is the one perk of this whole surgery ordeal, he is home from work.  Even though it is a challenge to keep baby Wade away from him while he rests and the big kids are at school, I love being able to hang out with him in the afternoon.

These past few days have been weird, slow, long.  I knew it before, but now I know it more, I love Tim so much.

This post is so sickeningly sweet, I know.  But it's my truth.  It's my life.  And I am beyond grateful.

As Alicia Keys says, "I don't want to forget the present is a gift."  Love this song- Like You'll Never See Me Again

"When the kids are old enough we're going to teach them to fly." Damn straight Dave Matthews Band. Love their song You & Me.

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