Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Crazy Train Goes to Payless

"Wade!!! My pee is  not a waterfall, get your hands out of it." said the boy to his baby brother.

"What a lovely dinner kids, this was great being together," said the mom.  "Are you being sarcastic?," asked the son.

"Smooth move Ferguson," said the five-year-old boy to his parents, quoting a "30 Rock" episode he's never seen.  

These were all things that were said this evening in my house.  My older two kids (ages 7 and 9) are going through a stage saying statements such as "That was so fun," then they pause for effect.  "I was being sarcastic."  Bwhahahahahaha!  They laugh hysterically with their mouths open and heads back....like little crazy people.

I am crazy too.  Shocking I know, but I am trying to limit my caffeine intake and it is really screwing with me.  I feel like I am in a fog.

Today after baby Wade's 2-year check up at the pediatrician, I agreed to buy them toys for being so good.  This is not something I normally do, but it gets worse.  I bought JT a recorder.  Yup, I am crazy too.

The whole ride home he played that damn recorder.  Out of the car, he played it in the yard.  He played in at the lunch table.  He played it on the way to school. And then after school, of course the recorder became a weapon in a sword fight with his big brother.  I know better than this.  I need caffeine.

It doesn't help our craziness that we are in the process of selling our house.   And we are at the beck and call of anyone that wants to take a tour.  The realtor calls, we leave the house.  

Tonight when the realtor called and said they wanted to show the house from 6:45-8, I loaded up the kids to go shopping. Again, I am a crazy lady.  And again, something I don't normally do.  But we were taking our crazy on the road, to Payless.  

My kids were so excited to be at Payless Shoe Source.  Bwhahahahaha...I laughed thinking how awesome it is that they love Payless.  My husband, Tim, met us there to make it a real family fun experience.

We yucked it up in the aisles trying on all sorts of shoes and boots.  

Wade became mesmerized with looking at himself in the shoe mirror upside down. 

I cried when my oldest son picked out shoes from the Men's aisle and they fit. Surprisingly none of the kids that didn't get shoes got too upset. (Only two out of four got shoes.)

It may be a crazy life, but it's our life.  I have heard that before....hmmm....oh my god!  It was the opening line in Jon and Kate Plus Eight, when they were still Jon and Kate.  Oh god, that did not end well. I have to get a new ending.  I don't want the Jon and Kate ending. Yikes.

I need caffeine before this gets any crazier.

Here's a little video that highlights the crazy.  If you have a minute, or less, you should at least watch the first 30 seconds....it cracks me up.  It is like bloopers from the news, the one where the reporter is interviewing someone while a crime is happening on camera behind them.  

This family in happier times???

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