Friday, October 7, 2011

Turning Two Today

It's Wade's birthday.

Wade, my baby, is two years old.

Wade is the typical fourth baby.  He is the kid that is shuttled around to every activity and game of his older siblings.  He is the kid in the background of so many pictures of the older kids carving pumpkins, coming home from their first day of school, putting up the Christmas decorations.  

For the past two years, Wade has been somewhat of a background player.

But now, he is starting to be a part of everything a little more.  He is becoming the kid that makes the funny face at the dinner table to get the laugh.  He is becoming the kid that hits the ball off the tee and impresses all the aunts and uncles.  He likes to be right in the middle of the action.

My mother in law has always said that age two is one of her favorite years for kids.  I get where she is coming from.  At two, they start to come into their own a little bit and communicate more.  They have more personality.

So far this is Wade: 

He is cute, but not so cuddly.

Wade is fearless when it comes to climbing (he can often be found dangling from his big brother's top bunk), but has a bit of separation anxiety when I leave.
Looking more annoyed than scared when I busted him stealing cheese puffs out of the "secret" hiding place.
Wade is the only one of my kids that has climbed out of his crib, and roamed.

He doesn't hold hands in a parking lot.

He doesn't say a whole lot, but of course knows how to say football and baseball.
Watching the Detroit Tigers game with daddy.
Wade will not eat one single vegetable.  Not one.  Even when I channel Jessica Seinfeld and hide a pureed veggie in the pasta....he will turn up his nose and refuse to eat.

He is the only two year old I know that has seen the first two Harry Potter movies.

He sleeps with two special, very important blankies, has a pretty severe pacifier addiction and has to have "Goodnight Moon" read to him every night before bed.

Wade loves to dance.  

Wade walks funny.  He struts.  In fact he struts around like George Jefferson. 

He is obsessed with cars.

I really can't wait for this year.  I can't wait to see more of his personality and what he has to say.  Maybe he hates "Goodnight Moon" and that is what he has been trying to tell me.  I also vow to do more little kid, two-year-old things with him.  Less Harry Potter more Franklin and Moose A. Moose.

I can't believe my baby is two today.

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