Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting Fat Without Gluten

Everyone is doing it.  Going gluten free is the trendy thing to do.  Every health magazine I have picked up in the past six months is talking about the benefits of a gluten free life.  A lot of people are going gluten free to lose weight and get healthier.

Well folks, I have succeeded in finding ways of gaining weight while going gluten free.

I am very glad that gluten free lifestyles are getting lots of press,  because ultimately that means that Celiac disease will get some press too.  Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease that can make people very sick. The only fix at the moment is to eat a strictly gluten free diet.  Doing this a person with Celiac can avoid terrible stomach pains, severe diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, muscle and joint pain and long term damage to their intestines.

My son JT was diagnosed with Celiac disease a year and a half ago.  Thankfully, he is now thriving and doing quite well.  The whole family went gluten free.  I joke that we initially lost weight because we couldn't afford to eat as much.  I joke, but it is the truth.

But don't worry, after a few months, I found ways to get fat without the gluten.
Um, hello sugar, I think I love you.
Do you like the spoon in the jar of frosting?  Yes, I eat  the frosting like it is a cup of frozen yogurt.  But it's gluten free!
So now, I am trying to do a Dr. Oz cleanse and get my health back on track.  

I made the kale cocktail but I am afraid to drink it.

JT volunteered to try it.

His face said it all.
So I had this instead....gluten free, but so not good for me.

Now even though my family is on one of the trendiest health diets around, I am back to the getting healthy drawing board.  

Check out the clip below to just laugh.

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