Thursday, October 13, 2011


I get obsessed with things.  Some people call it interests or a phase, but I like to call it obsession.

Last winter I became obsessed with soup and Canada.
I loved listening to CBC Radio, I couldn't get enough.   And normally I am just not a soup person, but my god I loved soup last winter.  But I still believe that soup should only be eaten when it is cold.   And Canada is still cool.

For a while I was obsessed with Pinterest and I still enjoy it, but may not be obsessed with it.  I have moved onto  Check it out.

I am also obsessed with saying damnit...all together just like I wrote it.  When I was growing up I had a friend whose mom always said this when she was mad.  She got mad at a lot of things.  Things like spilling  stuff or forgetting stuff.  "Damnit I told you girls to close the back door when you came inside,"she would yell.  At first I was nervous and afraid of her mom, but then it became sort of endearing.

I don't say damnit in front of my kids yet, but when I do, I hope they find it endearing.

And Twitter is still an obsession.  Still not super savvy with it, but it does fascinate me.  And proudly I found out about Tori Spelling's new baby before all of you people that don't follow her on Twitter.  Plus this week one of my real life pals got into a twitter feud.  It was amazing.

I am also obsessed with the Instagram app on my iphone and making pictures look like they are from the 1970s.

And of course I am obsessed with a few YouTube clips.
My Tina Fey obsession.

This is my current favorite song to run to--I find myself singing out loud on the treadmill and I am not embarrassed.  Love it.  Turn up the volume while you watch. (But you might need to shield your eyes while you watch, the video is a little raunchy.)

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