Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Unfinished Business

I have always prided myself  on the fact that we have a laid back house.  Kids come over and they don't worry about making a mess.  We get the paint out, track mud in, spill milk and it is totally okay.  The messier the house always signifies more fun in our book.
There is no amount of sprinkles that we can't handle.
My husband is not the guy that worries about the perfect lawn because he is too busy playing with the kids.  I love that too.

Our impulsive, laid back nature would lead us to start a couple, a few, well a lot of projects around the house.  

We liked a paint color for the living room, we bought it that day and started painting.  And of course we would totally be so all about the new paint color, until something else happened.  So you guessed it, we never quite got around to that second coat of paint.  Or finishing the seven other projects we started so excitedly.
It never bothered us.  Until we put our house up for sale.

Each time we show the house I feel like I should leave a disclaimer:
We are a really nice, fun family that lacks follow through.  Please don't judge us by our unfinished business.  Know this house is a place of love and possibility that would be a perfect home for your family.

But in the end, these buyers are a practical bunch that know they are in control in a market like this.  They notice the chipped paint and don't know the funny story behind it.  How my son Peyton used to ride his tricycle through the living room and bang into the walls, yes chipping the paint.  And they don't care.  
They don't care that this is where I brought each of my new babies home.

They want bigger rooms.  Finished projects.  And a cheap price.

It's an emotional, personal thing this house selling business.

Tim and I have always talked about someday having a "Father of the Bride" house.  A house like the one in the movie, with a basketball net and everything.  It is our version of a dream home.  

But really we know we are living the dream no matter what the house looks like.

I am reposting this video because the song says it all...home is whenever I'm with you.

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