Thursday, October 6, 2011

Powerful stuff

Times they are a changin....

The past few days have been amazing, weather wise.  The kind of days that make you stop in your tracks and really notice life.  The colors, the is fall and it is beautiful.

My kids (especially my five year old) and I have been enjoying being on the lookout for signs of fall--leaves changing color, acorns, leaves falling.  A fun little tradition I have done with each of my kids as the seasons change.  
But there are other changes going on in our house right now.  Not quite as magical, but still pretty powerful.  

We decided to put our house up for sale.  Our house is a 100-year-old home that is tiny, like under 1,300 square feet tiny.  It is the appropriate size home for one or two people, not six.  My husband Tim always said "Look this house is 100 years old, people raised families here, it will be fine."  

And we were going to go with that.  We weren't going to be the nicest house on the block, we were going to be the quirky, fun house.  And we were until the quirky, fun house ran into some financial woes.  So the house is up for sale.

A sign went up in the yard this week and we started showing the house a lot.  Ask me how this fun, but not so organized household of six is doing cleaning up for a showing?  It isn't pretty people.

Times are a changin...and even though it isn't the path I saw myself on, I am hopeful.  This is a new chapter, a new adventure. Right?

When we told the kids about selling the house it was a mixed bag.  
"Oh this is soooooo great!," squeeled Lucy.  "I have wanted to move my whole, entire life!"

"I have mixed emotions, I would like a bigger house with more room, but I would also like to stay here forever," said my ever-practical and sensitive Peyton.

JT said nothing and walked away, all about the denial.  However, I think I should keep an eye on him because I could see him pulling a house haunting escapade circa that Brady Bunch episode when Mike and Carol were thinking about selling their home.  Remember?  Not sure if JT could pull that off, but if the older ones turn it is possible.
It has been a mixed bag for me too.  I have complained about this house almost as long as we have lived here, which is 11 years.  But now that we are leaving (eventually) for real, I am getting very sentimental.  Just like when my dog died.  I complained about Al the dog for years.  "I just don't have enough love and time to give him with all these babies to take care of," I would cry to my husband. I would come up with why we should get rid of him all the time.  But when he got cancer and died, it was me who took it the hardest.  I actively mourned for two plus years, and am tearing up as I type this.  

Change is coming and in the words of The Fabulous Thunderbirds, that's powerful stuff.  Yup, I can find an eighties or early nineties pop reference for anything. I wish there was a game show where that would come in handy and I could win a million dollars.

This has nothing to do with anything, except I think everyone should watch a Tina Fey clip once a day.  So here you go...

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