Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Life is Messy

My kids are a mess.  This time I am only referring to paint, not some psychological issue, thankfully.  Oh, the issues are there, I am just not referring to them right now.

It is all about paint.  And markers.  And my kids' ability to make everything a complete mess.

Like Wade's face.  At least the marker coordinates with his blue sweatshirt.  And that's right, I popped him in his car seat to take JT to kindergarten without washing his face.  And I didn't stop there.  He fell asleep in the car and I let him take his nap with the blue, supposedly washable, marker all over him.  

But I am not sorry.  It eventually (3 days and 15 face washes later) completely came off.

My kids recently had a day off school (didn't it just start?).  So, I broke out the paint and pumpkin projects.  They surprisingly all got pretty into it.  I wasn't so sure the older two would dig it, but they did.  Guess who forgot to put the paint away after we were done?  So wish I could blame it on my kids, but....

That's right, I was feeling so good about being a fun mom that I simply forgot, or just didn't, put anything away.  And our couch was the victim.

I kind of felt worse about the couch than I did Wade's face.  Ugh.

But you know what, I don't really even care that much about the couch.  Life is messy.  And I am so okay with it, when it is paint and markers.

Just for fun, in homage to my girl Oprah, here's some things I know for sure:

I can't stand teenagers that play on playgrounds during the daytime.  I hate them.  "Lucy don't ever do that," I told my daughter the other day as we were bombarded with dumb, awkward teenagers taking over the play structure.  I said it like we just saw teenagers smoking crack on the slide.  And I get it, there will be bigger things to worry about with Lucy and all my teenagers.  But I still can't stand teenagers playing on a playground-Stupid!

School is cool.  Thank god for school.  One day off and I remember why summer intimidated me so.  I love my children, but damn they are hard to entertain ALL DAY.  Thank you school.

This is awesome.

Arrested Development the movie is being made!  And there will be new Arrested Development shows on tv.  
Come on!! Such great news.

Parenthood is a great show and I can't believe I just started watching it this year.  If you aren't watching, you should.

"Dolphin Tale" is AMAZING!  I never saw "Free Willy" and never got it, but damn it I loved this movie. Great cast, great message.  I love dolphins.

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