Friday, November 18, 2011

Caving In and Moving On

I totally caved today.  It started to snow as I was driving JT to school and I couldn't help myself.  I listened to Christmas music and, I liked it.

Maybe it is because it is indeed very close to Thanksgiving or maybe it is because with the time change the world is just a little bit darker and colder now.  

Things are definitely changing.  For example,I used to make fun of Josh Groban.  Like I made fun of people, adults, that wore Disney characters on their clothes.  But  after I went to Disney World (as an adult), I got it and totally wanted to wallpaper my kitchen with Mickey Mouse paper.  Groban to me used to be annoying and sappy, but I think I love him now.  It could be that I think he is hilarious as a co-host on "Live with Regis and Kelly."  And damn that man can sing a Christmas song like nobody's business, especially "O Holy Night."  "I think I am going to cry," my sweet (well sort of sweet)5-year-old said as he listened to Groban; bewildered by his emotional reaction to the song.

And speaking of "Live with Regis and Kelly," more change.  Tomorrow is Reege's last show.  I teared up watching today's show.  I like Regis and have a girl crush on Kelly, but I didn't watch them everyday.  But like my beloved, dwindling soaps, I liked knowing that I could turn on the TV and he would be there.  He is someone that has been on my tv radar for most of my life.  I mean, c'mon,  I am just getting over Oprah's show being off the air.

And speaking of Oprah, here are a few things that I know for sure:

Change is good.  Ok, I am lying, I don't know that for sure.  But sometimes I know for sure that change can be exciting.  Who knows what new adventure is on the horizon...whatever! It was just reported that 1 in 4 women in our country is on antidepressants, I am obviously not one of those and physically,mentally cannot be that positive. Honestly change is hard, that I know for sure.

I know for sure that when I finally learn to do this, scarves will be way out of style. (It is a very cool video.)

Maybe it's because I am having digestive issues, but I know for sure that this commercial makes me laugh.  

I know for sure that I love this song. Absolutely my new favorite to run to or dance to in the kitchen.  I mean Etta James has always and forever been a favorite, but paired with Flo Rida? OMG.  Seriously, I am going to be turning this on next week on my way to Thanksgiving (or play it on my ipod when I go for a run to escape the holiday house).

Even though I caved in, I am moving on. I know for sure that I will not forget about Thanksgiving and I will not decorate my house for Christmas until November 25. (But I won't stop listening to Josh Groban's Christmas songs until January 1.)

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