Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thanksgiving Got Screwed

In an interesting move, my children's school decided to have two professional development days(which means kids don't go) in a row.  In what seems like a cruel and punishing move, my children's school decided to have them right after we fell back an hour.  It is incredible to me how daylight savings time can totally screw up my whole family whether we are springing forward or falling back.

After a weekend full of hockey, football, house appraisals (fingers crossed it went well), visiting grandparents (thanks for coming up dad), leaf raking, playing and then falling back an hour....the whole bunch of us were exhausted.
This sad looking pumpkin is what we felt like...a bit deflated.  Time to throw out this pumpkin before the squirrels eat more.  Tim to move on anyway to...Thanksgiving.
So of course I thought a trip to the craft store would be fun.  I loaded up the kids so we could get supplies to make a Thanksgiving craft.  But when we got to the store, which we hadn't been to since we went shopping for Halloween craft supplies back in September, we realized we were too late.  

It had been transformed into a Christmas wonderland.  Thanksgiving got screwed.

We did find one tiny bin with a few Thanksgiving-ish items and it was nice that they were 50% off. But I suddenly found myself so pissed for Thanksgiving.  

So I bought tons of half-off Thanksgiving-ish stuff and went home with my kids on a mission...be grateful for Thanksgiving damn it. We got in the van to head home and Christmas music was playing on the radio. Grrrrr.
To be perfectly honest, craft days always look better in pictures.  Because there is/was lots of fighting on craft days, especially with an exhausted, time-confused bunch of kids.  They got frustrated with the glue sticks or mad that their turkey's feathers were falling off, they criticized each other's work, and the baby colored on their masterpiece.  It got messy.

But they pulled it together enough to write a play.  A Thanksgiving play.  They performed it for their grandparents who came over for the never-ending birthday celebration for my newly 10-year-old son. 

The play was about turkeys going to their aunt and uncle's for a thanksgiving feast (my somewhat vegan daughter was one of the writers so there was no way the turkeys would be dinner).

The storyline involved "whirlpool rapids of death" and "hungry wolves."  There was one little turkey named Rudy who liked to complain a lot.  But once they made it past all the "many obstacles" and they ate dinner, he "didn't make things negative again."  

I must say, it was one of my proudest moments as a parent.  And not to make things negative again, but seriously I think Thanksgiving needs more respect.  Let's be a little thankful.

Some people get it:

My apologies about the video/copyright issue with yesterday's blog.  It was a good video about football, which I will update with a different song and post soon.  Meanwhile, you can check out my more of thoughts about football on a blog I wrote for Patch.  Click here.

And today is election day, get out and vote!  Listen to one of my favorite Beastie Boys songs ever to get you psyched to make your voice heard.  Yes, the Beastie Boys, seriously this song is amazing.

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