Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am thankful for:

Kids that sometimes love each other.
A daughter that is so beautiful, funny, smart and almost sometimes nice to me.

That my daughter knows how to make the world her own.

And that she uses a Steelers' Terrible Towel as a baby doll blanket.

For spontaneous group hugs at the breakfast table.

The fact that my kids can make anything fun and a game...even a for sale sign.
A most serious, thoughtful, smart and caring oldest son.
A complicated, sweet, uber-talented and adorable middle son.
A cute, nutty, funny and completely lovable baby Wade.

A grandpa that comes into town for birthdays and special occasions.

A husband who is the ultimate good sport and the best dad ever.  

My sense of I need to explain why?  Life is funny.  It is good to laugh.