Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Some Big News

For a minute, I felt like the Duggar family on the "Today" show.  Because I bet a couple people were getting all revved up to be mad that we were announcing, that yes, we were once again having a baby.  Because we just love having babies.  It's what we do!  

Honestly, even my kids think that is what we will announce anytime we call a family meeting.  "It's time," Lucy told us.  "It's been a couple years."

But who is she kidding?  She would only like it if we told her we were having a baby girl.  The day we found out we were having baby Wade she cried giant crocodile tears and wouldn't speak to us for hours (which felt like days to a 5 year-old).

Okay, enough with the friggin baby talk.  We are so not having another baby.  Relax people.

My big news is the birth of a new blog.  Because that's right, one wasn't enough.  The new blog is devoted to being gluten free and raising awareness of Celiac disease.  It is called:
A Gluten-Free Family.

It is here you can read stuff like this:

Last Friday, JT got off the bus and said, "Mommy, I had gluten today."  At his kindergarten Thanksgiving feast.  My heart sunk.  I had taken every precaution, I had spoken with the teacher, emailed reminders, sent in safe foods for him to eat, sat with him and had the talk, making sure I made the ever-important eye contact.  But JT felt left out.  He asked a buddy for a cookie and he ate it.

Within hours he was crying from stomach pain and then came the vomiting.  

He is so young to get this whole eating-this-will-make-you-sick idea.  He just wants to be normal and fit in.  It doesn't help that he still is a bit speech delayed and has trouble with numbers.  Poor kid just wanted a damn cookie.

I had a page on this blog, but gluten/celiac is too huge for one page. Please check it out.  Become a follower (you could be the first one!).  Pass it along to anyone you know that is suffering from Celiac or gluten intolerance.  Because I promise to help inform them and at 
the very least make them laugh sometimes.

Oh no worries though, I won't be abandoning this blog.  You will still be able to read about how much I am screwing things up on a daily basis!  
Click here to check out the new blog.

On a Thanksgiving-y note, I am very thankful to you, yeah that's right, you for reading this here blog.  Thank you. 

Is it ridiculous that I am beyond excited about my Thanksgiving weekend Muppet Movie experience?

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