Monday, November 7, 2011

It's Over

It's really over.

The last football game of the season was this past weekend.  The little league Super Bowl.
The anticipation was palpable, nerves were on high alert.  
There was special eye black.  
Special eye black for everyone of course.

Our team lost, but that's okay (at least with me, my son, Peyton was pretty upset).  
It's okay because the last game means the last practice which means....
no more dragging the kids to the games and practices.

No more worrying about concussions from hard hits.  
No more guilt because we couldn't fulfill the parent volunteer hours.

But I admit it has been great to see Peyton's confidence grow.  It has been great to see him improve as a player.  

Still glad it's over though, at least until next season.  And hopefully I develop football coping skills because as my husband Tim says, I have about 16 more years of this stuff.

Baby Wade trying to be like his big brother.  Uh-oh.
It's been a long season, but there were some really great moments.

Click here to look back at how the season started.


  1. Seriously! Your Rochester Little League Football video blocked on Copyright violation. Why you criminal you! OMG! I was so looking forward to it!

  2. Hey! The video seems to work some places and not others. Weird. Try this link and you should be able to watch it.