Friday, November 11, 2011

A Few Observations

It snowed a little bit here yesterday.  
Change is literally blowing in the wind.

The weeks go by so fast and so much head is spinning.

It is hectic and crazy around here.  
Here are some updates and observations:

Does the fact that I bought this magazine mean I am getting old?  Yes, old-er, definitely older, it's meant for the over 40 crowd.

Walked into the room and found out the baby, Wade, likes to plank.

I am getting so much better at Twitter.  Follow me at @AngelaYblood
You too could get exciting tweets like the ones below.  #fascinatinglife

Offer on the house fell through, so it is back to cleaning up and showing it twice a day. Major ugh.

Good friends are crucial. Especially ones that get your kind of 

I am convinced no one cares about Thanksgiving.

One tiny section of Thanksgiving-type stuff. And aisle after aisle of Merry freakin Christmas at Walgreens.

Lucy has a soft spot.

I might need a break or a mini getaway of some I lay in the dentist's chair listening to the hygienist discuss my receding gums (that whole getting older thing again), I felt peace and joy.  Enjoying the dentist=mama needs a break.

I observe that I do not understand some of the copyright/techno issues involved in video posting.  So, I'll try again to show you guys the football video I made.  Hope you can see it!

Again, you can check out more of my thoughts on football on a blog I wrote over here.

Speaking of football, I have been hauntingly disturbed by happenings in college football this week.  The great Marlo Thomas wrote a good article about the scandal.  Click here to read it.

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