Thursday, June 7, 2012


There are days when I forget.  I forget that I'm living the good life.

Stress about not doing enough, having enough or being enough get in my way.  And I forget.
Sure it's not for everybody, and that's okay.  
We are living the god damn special holiday episode of your favorite show pretty much every day.  The episode where things go wrong, life gets messy, but in the end (or on Christmas Eve) the character realizes what's really important. He or she realizes what it's all about.  

It's about family, friendships, relationships, loving, living, experiencing, feeling, going through it, getting through it.  And usually the episodes I watch have some funny in there too.

Here's a quick example of my good life last night. 
**warning** It might stress you out a little watching.  

I gave up watching Grey's Anatomy a few years ago.  It is still a good show, I just got tired of the very special, very violent episodes.  But of course being the pop culturalist that I am, I know when a big season finale is on and the fact that a character will die.  Even though I didn't commit to watching two hours of it,(spoiler alert) I did watch Lexie's death scene on YouTube.  

As she lay on the ground after the plane crash, she and McSteamy pledged their love for one another.  He talked about sharing a life together, the good life.  Marriage, kids, the whole thing.  And then she died and everybody cried, even me.

As I sat weeping in front of my computer, I thought that dream life they want, that so many people want, is my life.  

Does Hollywood dress it up and romanticize it a bit? Absolutely, holy hell yes.

But really, all we want is connection and love.  I've got that. A crazy, hectic, loud, messy (one of my kids friends said it was the messiest house he'd ever seen, whatever!), fun, real house full love and connection.

And for that I am grateful.

One of my favorite movie clips, from The Family Man, about being sure about what having it all means.  

Here's one of my favorite clips from happier times over on Grey's Anatomy.  Izzie and Alex getting married and the vows--my favorite wedding speech almost ever. Seriously, it's good.

My whole feeling of gratitude was not only inspired by Grey's Anatomy, but by a car I drove this week.  Yup.  And I wrote about it here at Patch. Click here to read it.

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