Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Need To Eat

Some days I think like I am mayor of Blog Land.  Like "oh this will be a good story to tell" or "wait 'til I tell the gang about this."  Yes, the gang is you, readers I hope I have.

Other days I think like the most over-thinking-est writer in town.  Like "I have to tell this story or I will die" or "if I don't get the words out of my head and heart, I will go crazy."  Yes, crazier than I already am, thank you very much.

Still other days I don't do much thinking at all.  They are the get me from A to B kind of days.  I am sure there are anecdotes in there somewhere.  I am sure there are funny moments, poignant moments.  
I mean, c'mon, with this floppy-haired,fabulously adorable bunch of kids there is ALWAYS going to be a good moment or two or three or more everyday.

Moments that other days would be the stuff of great over-analyzation and stuff that needed to be told.

Yesterday was sort of one of those days.  

Last night was definitely one of those nights.  Maybe it's because I don't take my own advice and don't go to bed early enough.  Maybe it's because I'm fasting for medical tests that I am having today.  It could be a combination of both.  A cocktail of not eating and Googling potential medical issues while not sleeping?  Never do this.  Ever. 

I'm now convinced I have everything from the Avian Flu to perimenopause.  And of course a million other scary diseases. 

Once I eat I will feel better and I'm sure I'll have a story to tell.

I look like this Liz Lemon clip.

And of course I couldn't put up a fasting/starving blog post without including my favorite Chris Farley clip from SNL.

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